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The foundations of 1001 Group were laid in 1955. In 1955 grandfather Ali Rıza Özel brings his village Peristerona a bag of nails which he purchased in Nicosia with the money he saved in order to sell them. He develops in time his business with such first step he took in trade and opens his first store in the village. In spite of the competition by the Rum artisans and the church in this village where Turks and Rum lived together he managed to become the lead market in the region. However in the aftermath of establishment of a competitor cooperative in the village in 1955 including both Turks and Rums he decided to transfer the business to Nicosia. He continued his commercial life with his little store with a surface area of 100 m2 in Arasta region by selling glassware and souvenirs.

Later on Nazım Bey who took over the flag from his father made the name of the store known by crowds with the imports he made from many countries such as England, Italy, Spain, China, Indonesia, Singapore etc.

Nazım Bey started wholesales trade by opening his second store in Yenişehir, Nicosia and he opened his third store in Kyrenia and then by spreading throughout Famagusta, Balıkesir and İskele regions he succeeded to establish 1001 trademark as a widely know chain of stores.

In the aftermath of third generation's; namely Mr. Mehmet, Mrs. Nil and Mrs. İdil integration in the business, 1001 increased its number of stores to 11 which are currently in operation.  Mother Mrs. Tuncay is always in the business to support her family.

In 2010 the concept established by Grandfather Mr. Ali Rıza was developed and the glassware and souvenir business was integrated with Supermarket.

1001 trademark adopted the name 1001 Extra for the points operating as a Supermarket.

Özel family expanding rapidly at the main warehouses located at Ercan Yonca Crossroads and at the plot of 1001 store, laid the foundations of presently 1001 Airport Mall and the shopping center project 1st phase whereof was completed in 2014 reached a total size of 77,000 m2.

The investor family which has completed by today the 1st phase of the project of 30,000 m2, now targets the 2nd phase of 47,000 m2 which Is to be completed within the first quarter of 2016.

1001 trademark targets to carry much further the point it has reached in three generations.
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